Goal Setting

A mental skill that works!

Elite performers in sport, business, entertainment, the military, and education use goal setting to maximise their performance. Goal setting is consistently described by these high performers as a critical element of their success.

This course will show you how to set goals like the elite - goals that work. In this course, we will give you the the resources to get started with your goals, to help you stay on track, and to achieve success.

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What will you get from this course?

  • Evidence-based advice on how to set goals.
  • Advanced knowledge of goal setting theory to support your ambitions.
  • Practical lessons describing how to build a robust goal setting system from a former Special Forces Sergeant Major and a Professor of Sport Psychology
  • The benefit of over 40 years of combined experience in helping high performing individuals achieve their goals
  • A combination of video tutorials, downloadable worksheets, and an e-book.

What is goal setting?

Learn what goal setting involves and evidence based ways to set and achieve goals.

Why does goal setting work?

Learn why goal setting improves your performance and build deep understanding of the science of goal setting.

Optimise your goals

Move beyond basic goal setting practices and learn how to build a robust goal setting process.

Introduction to goal setting

In this course Martin Jones and Gaz Banford share their experiences and knowledge of goal setting to help you achieve your goals.